One of the major repairs this year is to the bathroom in room 5.  This is the large room on the second floor at the front of the house.


W'e're guessing it's the old main bathroom before the current main bathroom was installed some years ago.  The tub has not worked since at least 1995 and probably many more years and many didn't even know there was a tub in the room.  The vanity has been down for about 15 years.  Recently found the 1.5" galvanized drain line clogged in the wall and also clogged completely under the basement slab and beyond repairing it without putting in a new drain to the main sewer under the basement floor.  The toilet has not been in use for around 15 years also.   


We recently tried installing a new toilet to find out the pipes under the floor were leaking.  The old lead pipe bend and cast iron were rusting through and leaking down in to Room #1.  The pipe was also flowing uphill causing backups with every flush.  Our only solution was to open up the floor and walls.  The walls are lath and plaster of course.  The floor was tile with 3-4" of concrete under that.  It was a nightmare tear out. 


We replaced the 4" cast iron pipe which is a main vent and drain stack that leads to the main sewer.  PVC is now installed from behind the toilet all the way to the basement.  We had to support the cast iron in the attic so it wouldn't fall thru the house when we cut into it.  While there, we installed a new drain line over to the tub area and also over to the vanity area.  The old tub was also removed and if funds allow in the future we want to install a stand up shower.  Vanity and toilet to be installed after new flooring is laid.  New subfloor going down now.  We'll have a fair amount invested.  Tear out, plumbing, some electrical, new flooring, tile, shower, vanity and toilet install.